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Our company encourages awareness of how much the earth is polluted by everyday waste. We have created a way of taking some of the most commonly used resources and giving them a whole new healthier purpose. In many ways our company is the first of its kind; We Market, Create, and Use Salvaged Materials to make our Shoes

We EMBARQ on a Cleaner Tomorrow by proving that Recycling does more than Reduce Waste & Save Energy. It can Create something Unique. We promise to do our part. We need your help to keep it going. When your done Wearing them, Send them back to be recycled

-”We are Recycling the Recycled”


Our Journey

Together We Can Prevent This Wasting, One Step At A Time...

Where Are The Shoes!?

100% Recycled Shoes. Our shoes are made of a Canvas like material that is 100% completely made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. When you purchase our shoes, you Wear them Till’ you Tear them. Return them to Us to be Recycled into other Shoes. As a “Thank You” from us, you will be given a 30% discount on your next pair of shoes!

PRE-Order Today!

U.S. 5 – 10
U.S. 7 – 13

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